Weight Loss Journey .. The First Month

Kia Ora Whanau!

Welcome to my second post about my weight loss. For more on my history you can visit my previous post “Weight Loss Journey … The History

First off before I being I want to say a huge thank you for not only taking the time to read about my journey but also the out flowing support I have received from everyone either on my Instagram posts or my personal Facebook, and also in general life from the support of my family and friends. For those that know me it has been a long journey to even start this, and then to do it publicly is even more daunting.

OK so straight up, this is gonna be a loooong post so I hope you will stick with me.

There are photos at the bottom of this blog and I explain these a bit more so if you don’t want to read the post first before you get the saucy half-naked yeti photo, feel free to come back to this!

So my first month, I’m gonna break this down week by week and I will try to discuss all aspects of it.

Week One

Well lets just start this with the first day, I started following a meal plan that my girlfriend created for me, as I mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t actually realize that what I was doing was a personalized version of a Keto diet.
As you can see from my photos below, I wasn’t exactly super focused on my health (specifically photo three).

The meal plan was a one pager that included, food I can eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner and all food I can’t go near.

Now I am not a big vegetables guy – It’s like I always thought of the word as a bad swear word, and the ones I did eat were mostly heavily carb/ sugar focused, potatoes, corn, carrots and berries, apples banana’s. … seeing I couldn’t have these made me a little weary. I automatically felt like I would be failing within two to three days, let alone trying to turn this into my new lifestyle!

But I persevered! I was doing it for the right reasons, I was gonna be healthy and change my life … Cue my eventual Hypo(glycemic) attack within 12 hours of starting the diet and having to have my girlfriend buy me fruit at the farmers market (where we had gone to go buy all the veges I could now eat) just to bring my blood sugar up.
Now I admit I f%&ked up in this instance. I left for a big walk after taking my 120 units of insulin, my diabetic pills without any breakfast and very little to eat the night before.
I also didn’t take my Jelly Beans (Shout-out to my diabetic’s reading this, you know how much those little sugary beans can pick you up!).
As you can imagine I had not made the best impression that this was gonna go well.

But the main thing is I recovered and decided I better have some jelly beans with me all the time. The meals were tasty and nice. If you go to my Instagram you can see every meal I have made or had since starting this journey.

Now before I started this Keto diet/ lifestyle I had started increasing my walking – trying to go for 10 thousand steps a day, this has since increased to 12 thousand and hopefully climbing as time goes on.

During this time, like literally just before, my change in lifestyle (I’m gonna try not to call it a diet from now on, because lets face it most times I try to diet, I Die @ doing it!). I discovered Sweat Coin. Now this isn’t a plug or anything like that, but basically Sweat Coin is a crypto-currency app that you earn by walking … seems to good to be true right? well it is actually true.
You can join my Sweat Coin and I get $5 sweat coins if you use my code. I will do a Sweat Coin post in the future if people are interested.

Because of the app, I actually enjoyed walking and seeing my coin’s increase, gives me an incentive to keep with the walking and the new lifestyle!

Day three … another Hypo, this time I was at work. The mistake I made this time, I had been monitoring my blood sugars but the one thing I hadn’t done … I never changed my insulin. Naturally with the low sugar I was eating, my natural blood sugar would be reducing … A fact I saw while doing my blood sugar readings.
This time I called my friend who worked in the diabetic field. What did she say to me? “Get your ass to the Dr’s!”
Note: I really want you to go back and read that line like in Arnie’s voice from Total Recall, not because of the person who told me but I figure it will make you laugh every time you think about it.

I took my friend’s advice and then luckily on day five I saw the my diabetic nurse. He was not happy with me, not because of the changing lifestyle, or the walking. What he wasn’t happy with??
The fact that I had not had a blood sugar HbH1C test (this measures your blood sugars over the last three months), in about 18 months… yeah not proud of that.

My diabetic nurse went through the meal plan and issued me with a new diabetic machine (my old one was over 10 years old), now I am a big tech geek so when my friend who I phoned said there are now meters that connect via Bluetooth I thought “I don’t have to write in a book anymore, sweet sign me up!” if you are diabetic, talk to your Dr about getting one because these things are awesome!

A condition of my new machine … I had to come in every week to talk to the diabetic nurse. When I discuss week two a bit more I’ll expand more on why that was a great idea.

So I manage to get through the first week with a few minor hiccups but overall it seemed like I could get used to this, sausage and eggs for breakfast (with a lot of veges thrown in), steak, chicken, or fish for lunch (insert previous comment about copious amounts of veges) and repeat for dinner.

Now over the first week my mind did actually wonder .. can I actually do this for a sustained time? I mean wont I get sick of the same meals all the time. Well one month on and I can say I still enjoy the meals and even trying to create new ones as well. so that’s a yes … so far, lets see how next month happens!

Week Two

So I am getting in to the pattern of cooking my food and actually quite enjoying it, but there is one thing that’s bothering me.


Yup that’s what I said, Bread, god did I miss bread! It is one of those essentials that I didn’t even think of missing that much. The funny thing, it wasn’t even actually for the bread itself.
OK stick with me but, it was what I could put on the bread, Peanut Butter, Marmite (for those from overseas, if you haven’t tried marmite on bread and butter it’s … an experience, Kiwi’s love it, everyone else … not so much!).
The point is, I couldn’t see myself putting peanut butter on a cracker (cause carbs) or marmite on a slice of cucumber … no thanks!

I expressed this frustration to …. well anyone that would ask me “how it’s going?” The cravings for those carbs did hit me pretty hard but I pushed through the struggle … and munched on more bell peppers and cucumbers.

The big “D“, Diabetes that is, Week two and seeing my diabetic nurse was a little bit better as I didn’t see the same person, but what I did get is the result of my blood glucose. I was 97 … If this was a class room that would be a pass right??? not in the world of diabetes.
To give you some clarification a “healthy” person’s blood glucose should be around 40 to 60 (or when your testing your blood between 4 to 6).
I was sitting at over double that.
But the diabetic nurse looked over the food I had been eating (I have been tracking everything through My Fitness Pal), and also my new blood sugar measurements … because now its all on my phone so I can easily watch my progress.

The diabetic nurse tapped me on the head and wished me well until next week, when my original diabetic nurse came back to see my progress.

So it’s been two weeks and you would think I wouldn’t see any change right?, well you would be wrong!

OK so I’m not gonna make out like I had lost heaps and look like a Greek Adonis of a man, my heritage suggests I should look like. I am however defiantly noticing my increased mobility, the tightness in my breath disappearing and the need for being sore for lifting my fat ass every time I need to move. So I’m calling it a win at this stage.

Week Three

Now this was a big week for me for my fitness. Last week I did something which surprised me, I walked from my work to home, a distance of about 7 Kilometers across some hilly terrain. It took me three hours.

This week, not only did I do this walk in two and a half hours, I also went for a massive walk to the Red Rocks Reserve. This reserve houses some pretty cheeky Seals and is somewhere I have always wanted to go to… I have lived in Wellington all my life .. of 37 years, Way to see the world right??

The food was going well, but that craving of bread was still there and this week it was like a cheesy horror film tagline, “It was back for vengeance!” or “Don’t go into the bakery!”

Now this would be all good, if it wasn’t for the fact that I live with three qualified bakers, one of whom, specializes in amazing cakes and slices. Temptation is real people and her name is Carb City!

My girlfriend knew I had a problem with this, and how much it was getting to me. She made me a deal. Before I started my Keto journey I used to frequent Dominoes, and as such I had a free pizza voucher from them.
I texted my girlfriend one night and fessed up that I still has this and (if I’m gonna be completely honest, I almost slipped and spent twenty minutes trying to convince myself not to use the voucher. I had even logged in to the app and ordered my pizza before pressing the complete order button), she was proud of me for not going through with it. I asked if she wanted the pizza . . . Hoping we could share it (this would be the ultimate cheat meal!), she saw through my plan and told me I can swap the voucher for a present.

I didn’t want to, but I thought “ok, I don’t actually need the pizza”

She surprised me with the best gift ever … Bread!!!, specifically Keto bread that she had learnt to make and advised she would make me every week. My love tank bubbled over, something so simple like a loaf of bread made me dam well near cried my keto tears of joy.

Week there was hard but everything is getting easier, I am cooking more and feeling so much better.

Let me put this in perspective for you, Prior to my new lifestyle, I was having a sick day almost every week. Not something I am proud about either. When its’ once in a blue moon it’s ok, but every week for like four to five months … there’s something wrong buddy!

I seemed to have a cold that would never go away, I was constantly popping throat pills to clear my airways. I was not well.

Three weeks of eating mostly veges and no carbs and internally I feel like a new man.

Diabetic appointment number three. I no longer feel bad or horrible, I’m starting to be more aware of what I should be doing and when I should be taking my readings. Everything is coming up Alex!

This week I also have to visit the Hospital for a previous referral about my eyes. A lot of people don’t realize that diabetes can also make you go blind, yes not the original thing that your parents said you would go blind for, but sugar!

The good news is, apart from looking like Mr Sparkle because of the eye drops, it appears that finally my eyes are finally getting better since the change.

Also this week I had my first cheat meal (notice I said meal and not day). As it was Valentines Day, my girlfriend and I went to a restaurant and I had ribs, not a lot but just enough. It was a welcome change … it wasn’t pizza or pasta but it was delicious! The main thing is I didn’t feel like I now need a cheat meal every week.

Week Four

So this is the week I am in now, I know it’s early so I cant talk about my diabetic appointment, but I can already tell from my reduction of insulin and my readings that I have already knocked off around 40 from my score from 97. I have been promised that in April I can go for another blood test so that will be a huge indication of what has changed.

I no longer feel shame walking around, and the confidence that everyone has given me from their support and love had made me feel like I am doing the right thing and also inspired me to keep going.

Now I am an Amazon affiliate and if you click the link I mention here you will be taken to Amazon and if you buy something (anything) I do get a slight commission, that said one of my friends referred me to listen to an audio book from Tony Robbins called Unshakable. This book, while mostly is about talking about how to invest in index funds and the diversifying of your portfolios, it also talks about changing your mindset and effectively trying to make your mind Unshakable. I’m not gonna lie, it actually helped me quite a bit during week two and three when I felt I was gonna fall off the wagon and go have that slice of non-keto bread, or go buy that chocolate. The point I want to make is that it’s not just the health stuff I am eating or moving it’s also about changing my feelings, my emotions and also my mindset. It’s worth a listen or read if you have a chance. I hope to cover my mindset change in a future blog.

Once again thanks so much for reading all the way to the end, feel free to like, comment, subscribe and all that good stuff. I try to respond to everyone. I want to build this into a community as well as a network and in order to do that I need you.

OK so you made it all the way to the end of the first month! Here is your reward, some old photos and some new ones:

  1. Me at the Wellington Rugby Sevens as The Fat Chippendale (Kids don’t search this, ask your mum what this is!)
  2. Me as Psy from Gangnam Style at one of the 12 Pubs of Christmas pub crawls
  3. Me on my 30th birthday. I drank all 30 shots in less than 7 minutes … something drunk Alex used to be very proud of … I would do this about 4 years in a row
  4. Fast Forward to NOW! This is an example of the food I have been eating to change my diet, Chicken Drumsticks baked in spices with veges
  5. A Egg omlette with sausage, bell peppers and cheese
  6. Me today (18 February 2020) I am down to 124.40 Kgs (274.25 Lbs) – down 5 KG’s roughly from start this journey

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey .. The First Month

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  1. Alex this was so nice to read! I’m so proud of you for sticking to this and making such a positive change in your life! You’re already an amazing and kind human so it was hard to read about the effect this was having on your confidence. Wish I had done more to help. But its really good to see to owning this and taking control!

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  2. Alex, it’s awesome what you are doing mate. I thought you looked great when I saw you at Paknsave a few weeks back, but foolishly didn’t say anything. I love how straight up your blog is, and wish you the very best in your journey! Very inspirational Alex! Fantastic to hear about!!


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