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Weight Loss Journey … What Is SweatCoin???

Kia Ora Whanau

Welcome to the another weight loss post! Alex from Costas Enterprises here, and this post is going to cover SweatCoin, what it is, some tips and also shameless promotion of my using this as another motivator to lose weight!

Disclaimer: I am not paid by SweatCoin, nor do I gain anything from this post. This is my personal review of an App I heard about and started using. You will see me mention my code later and if you want to support me with SweatCoins if you click the link, download and install the App I will be given $5 in SweatCoins (not real money). I am an Amazon Affiliate and on this blog I wont be adding any links to Amazon, I ask instead that if you want to support me you instead use my SweatCoin referral link below:

You can also listen to this blog via my podcast episode here.

So lets get started with the big question shall we…

What Is SweatCoin?

So if you search SweatCoin you will see a lot of things like reviews and also the phrase “It Pays To Walk”. That is because SweatCoin is an app for Android and iPhone that helps you create SweatCoins.

But what does all that mean???

SweatCoin is an attempt to make a Crypto-Currency like Bit Coin but rather than sticking 15 iPhone’s together to generate One bitcoin every 15 minutes, you can earn SweatCoins by Walking.

Yes you read right I typed walking.

Does it cost?/ Is this a Scam??

The next question people ask is one of the above. So let me get this out there right now.

No! It does not cost you any real money. There is some cost involved but this is linked to the SweatCoin themselves. We will cover this a little bit later when we talk about plans.

No! This is not a Scam! Real people use this app everyday, and honestly if I was offering it as a scam my integrity would be brought into question not only for this job but also my current employer within Information Technology.

Yeah but are you sure???

Trust me, as someone who is very skeptical of scams and even of things like this I have done some research for you. I have not only looked thought he web and you-tube videos, I have spoken with others that have been using the app for three to four years and have claimed rewards.

Now I have to admit in my skeptical nature going through the login process made me think that it could be a bit of a scam, but I did some more research and I then realized I was being super paranoid, yet I have so many apps that I share everything with and this was only asking for one thing – Geo Location.

If your skeptical like me you may want to look at their site yourself, you can do this here.

So if it doesn’t cost or it isn’t a scam … why haven’t I heard about it?

I have to admit I literally stumbled across this randomly through searching you-tube for looking at earning passive income. It was here that I heard about SweatCoin and the promise of up to $1000!!!

As I said, it sounds to good to be true right? Walk and get $1000 … well it’s not super simple. They don’t/ can’t give away $1000 just to anyone.

So what’s the catch?/ Where do they get the money from?/ What do I have to give up?

OK so lets tackle this in three parts.

The Catch – For the $1000, this is a one time reward. Once you claim it, it’s gone. This is paid into your PayPal account and is in your local currency. Now this part is important.
They won’t ever ask for a bank account or credit card for any payments. They also will not receive any payments from you using normal money.

Where do they get the money from? – So in the Market Place (refer to screen-shot further down) you will see offers from advertisers. Yep that’s the catch, you will get adverts in your App, but don’t stop reading yet, the adverts are not pushed to you. This means you wont see an advert everytime to walk or open the app. You only see these adverts when you personally want to see them. You can use any earned SweatCoins to purchase anything from the Market Place or use a daily advert to earn more SweatCoins.

The Marathon items you see cost a lot of SweatCoins … I’m not going to lie, these can take two to three years to earn. Some offers however are as little as 10 Sweat Coins which can easily be earned in a day.

What do I have to give up? – So this will be a sore issues for some people and will be a reason people will probably switch off. You give up some Geo-Location/ Privacy issues. Now if you stick with me I can now explain that as for the Geo-Locations – You can choose to not have any data sent via the App (apart from the mandatory once a day so it can analyze and sync your step count).

Wait … did you say step count? like a pedometer? Well kind of. You see the app will track the steps you take based on Google locations. It does not currently work with FitBit, or Any other smart watch but apparently they are trying to source this.

The important thing to remember here is that your step count will be different from your fit-bit/ smart-watch etc…

So wait … does it use a lot of Data? or Battery?

Data – No, it will only use data once a day if you leave it so it can analyze your steps, however if your like me you sometimes want to see the conversion so you can manually transfer your steps in to Sweat Coins. Also if you go to the Market place you will be using data. This feature is not turned on. Data is always on by default and you have to turn this off through the app (or just turn your mobile data off).

Battery – Yes, I have to admit my battery does go down a bit faster these days but not so much that I never have enough. While it’s not as big of a power-drain as Pokemon Go, or other Geo-location apps, if you have it open all the time you will notice this. This is where things got interesting, you see it will run in the background so the drain on power is not half as bad as you actually think.

What does it look like?

So if your still reading by now you are hopefully a little intrigued so lets have a quick look shall we?

Home Screen – After the login process this is the main screen you will see. You will notice that you have your Total Steps at the bottom and then above that are your SweatCoins earned for that time/ day.

Home Screen Tips

  1. The info button on the right is where you can manually convert your steps in to SweatCoins
  2. The +S button in the bottom right corner is where you can Refer a Friend or watch your Daily Bonus adverts – I will cover these a bit more in depth a little later
  3. The bottom bar is like your navigation bar. The first button is your Market place, The second is your wallet, The third is the home screen, The fourth is your leader board (where you can compete against people around you or friends) and finally The fifth button is your profile. You can see who follows you, who you follow and also change the plan your on (more on that a little later).
This is the Home Screen for SweatCoin (Android)

Market place – The below screenshot shows you the Marathon offers you can claim. As you can see the $1000 will cost you 20 Thousand SweatCoins…. that’s a lot of walking.

In the Market place you can also access your Daily Rewards by scrolling down.

In addition to using the market place for yourself you can also Donate to great causes.

Yes that’s right, your SweatCoins can be donated to causes that will be paid in real money by the company on your behalf.

This is the Market Place. You have Marathon and Normal offers from advertisers.

Rewards Pages

So there are two basic rewards/ referrals that can help you earn more SweatCoins.

  1. Daily Bonus – This is three 30 second adverts to watch. Disclaimer: These are the only adverts you will be forced to watch once you click their button. All are about 30 seconds. These rewards can range from 0.50sc to 25.00sc. I’ll be honest this screenshot below is the first and only time I have received 25sc (which was 03/03/2020). Most times I get 0.50sc or 1/2sc. It also has to be noted that you only unlock the three videos until SweatCoin registers 2000 steps. The minimum for daily reward can be 1.5sc and the maximum is 75sc per day… if your really lucky!
  2. Refer-A-Friend – So every friend that you refer and they sign-up earns you 5sc per person. As you can see there is a referral code as well as other sharing mechanics to allow you to send your code. (Shameless plug, try my code and help me gain 5sc!!

Referral Code:

OK so what are these plans you keep going on about?

There are four plans. Mover (no cost), Shaker (4.75 sc p/month), Quaker (20 sc p/month) and Breaker (30 sc p/month)

Each plan has a different cost and maximum SweatCoin you can earn per month. You can keep it free by sticking to Mover. I am personally on Breaker.

Plan Tip! As an introduction to SweatCoin you get offered your first month free on any of the other “paid” plans. I signed up for the Breaker plan and it took me 3 days to earn 30sc … meaning my first month basically paid for itself. I suggest if your going to actually try this, then do think about going to one of the plans and get that free bonus. You will then be charged every month (on the anniversary of the date you joined).

So why does it motivate you?

I’ll be honest, I started this just before I started my weight loss journey … like literally one week before. What kept me going, I can earn money if I walk.

If I’m going to walk anyway I might as well earn something while I walk right???

The fact that I can simply have this app running in the background and that my SweatCoin balance just keeps going up.

To date (As of 05 March 2020) and after only doing this for around six weeks my wallet size is currently 444.54 sc.

To be the honest the added bonus of helping me lose weight is just another advantage of using the app.


OK so as you can tell I actually like SweatCoin. There are other app like this out there but I really like the User Interface (UI) and also I love the fact that it dosen’t actually cost me real money to use the app, or I’m not bombarded with notifications or adverts every time I open it.

The thought of walking my way to money is also pretty cool.

Cons: Lets the get the bad stuff out of the way, the Geo-Location/ Privacy issues are a slight concern, however given the other apps on my phone which ask for a million other things like contacts then the one request for Geo-Location isnt so bad.

The battery issue is a concern as it does drain a bit, however I am the kind of person who changes a battery as soon as it falls below 80%.

Pros: I think most of this article shows my positive side towards this app but lets make it clear:

  • I like the fact it gets me moving – aka more motivation,
  • I like the UI and feel like it’s easy to use,
  • I also like that I am not bored of the idea,
  • I like money … yeah I’m honest right.

In short, and this is my opinion, I really like the idea of the app and if you need some motivation to go for that longer walk, this does help .. well it did for me.

If you want to support me in this journey then please click the link and join up!

Referral Code:

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this post.

Please like, comment and subscribe!

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