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At Costas Enterprises I, Alex Costas, hope to help you achieve your goal of applying for and getting the job you want.

I also want to share my personal journey through Weight Loss. I was previously 149 Kg’s (328.48 lb’s) in 2003 and have struggled with weight since I was five years old (thirty two years). I have had varying success and have recently in 2020 started my weight loss journey again starting at 130 kgs (286.60 lb’s). Come follow my journey as I strive to change my life and become a Sweatcoin influencer.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) and
Cover Letter’s creation

I endevour to give to tips and hints to create a CV and Cover Letter that will help you apply for the job you want.

Interviewing Skills

I will teach you how to construct interview answers based on the S.T.A.R system and what to expect in a Job interview.

Alex’s Weight Loss Journey

I will share my personal journey of weight loss while I go through it. What I am doing, What does and doesn’t work for me and hopefully bring a little humor in to the journey.

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Costas Enterprises is a NZ based company that strives to achieve a goal of helping everyone get the job they deserve.

Alex Costas has worked for the NZ government for over 15 years and in that time has developed and assisted people with applying for roles they want and deserve.

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