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Recruitment Advice

Kia Ora Whanau

Ever wanted an amazing CV or Cover Letter? or give a stand out interview. Everything you need to help you get the job you want or deserve.

I will teach you how to enhance your CV, explain why cover letters are important, help you identify and develop your skills, explain terminology that will help you appear like the perfect candidate for the job!

I will also teach you all about how to prepare for an interview, what to expect, how to act, what helps you create a fantastic answer and also explain all I know about the interview and interviewer’s mindset.

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Navin K Edit

I used Alex’s services to tidy (shorten) up my CV and promote myself in a different light, with the purpose to highlight my acquired skills throughout my career. [I am a health professional]. Alex was very responsive to email and text messages and came back to me within a few hours with suggestions and amendments to both my cover letter and CV. He even personalized my cover letter to the specific job I was interested in. Thank you so much for helping me out Alex, I strongly recommend your services.

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