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Free STARL Examples Template

Kia Ora Whanau.

This is just a quick post to provide you a free amazing tool I just developed.

The below is a document you can print or edit to help you set up your STARL examples.

This guide/ template has been created to give you an idea of how to structure your STARL answers that can be completed for each skill you identify.

I would strongly suggest that you fill this template out after you have read the below pages:

I also have a podcast (Get a job and get healthy with Costas Enterprises) where I go a bit deeper in to all of the above as well as covering identifying skills etc. You can find my podcast episodes here (will open in Spotify).

Ok so enough self promotion and linking – what you want is the document right?

Without further ado please find the STAR Examples Template below:

If you find this helpful please feel free to leave a review or a comment below.

You can also complete your recruitment journey by finding my free CV and Cover Letter Templates.

You can find these here:

Until next time, hope this helped you and have a fantastic day. You can get that job you want and I hope this helps you.

Free CV Template … Wait What???

Kia Ora Whanau

So this blog post is going to be a very brief one.

I was thinking that it’s time I give everyone a bit more help in the CV department so I have created a very basic CV template in Microsoft Word that you can use.

This document has been created so that you can download it, save it as your name CV and then start editing this.

I have added some pretty basic instructions within the document and hope the format works for everyone.

I have previously covered the importance of a Cover Letter and provided this as a free download you can change and edit as well. You can read this post here.

I also suggest you check out my Recruitment Advice page which has all my previous blog posts that will also go more in depth around what should be in your CV and also how to prep for interviews etc.

Other than that – please enjoy this free resource and feel free to ask questions, leave a comment or if you need help creating your own CV you can email me at

Until next time, have a great dat and good luck!

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