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52 Week Recipe Challenge … With Recipes

Kia Ora Whanau

Alex from Costas Enterprises here and I know it’s been a long time between posts so to make up for it I thought I would just explain a little bit about what I have just started to take on.

I intend to keep writing and updating you all with changes in my life and also try to help you with more things like motivation, passive income, cooking and eating well etc.

there will be a series of posts coming soon and they will hopefully make a bit more sense and will engage with you all.

I have been keeping more active on my podcast over the last year so feel free to check it out here.

So what are you talking about Alex? What is this 52 week recipe thing?

I’m glad you asked, or thought, or read … not exactly sure which way you have asked so want to cover some of the basis .

The 52 week recipe challenge is something my partner has come up with and it involves both of us finding one recipe a week that we have never tried or made and then try to cook that for each other. Simple right?

But Why?

Ok the reason why is to make sure we are both cooking more … ok so I am cooking more, as you can imagine my partner has been doing a lot of the cooking and now that she is at a vital point in career she needs me to basically step up my responsibilities in the household.

Now that is one part of it, ok a big part of it, but this is a conclusion I have come to on my own as I know she wont come out and ask for help when it comes to cooking as she is basically a whizz in the kitchen and doesn’t really need any help from books lol.

However, what is also great about this challenged is that it also opens up not only my cooking skills it also opens up our minds to be more creative with food as well as challenge ourselves to no just eat the same thing over and over again.

It also helps reduce the cost of our expenses as we intent to cook four meal (effectively). 2 x dinner and 2 x leftover lunches the next day.

Now I want to be clear we are only in week 2 of the challenge as I write this and I intend to write more and more of these as time goes on, but if you want week by week updates for my food you will need to follow my Instagram @thekiwidon

For now though I just wanted to share some images of the recipes I have tried and what they actually look like.

These recipes are old and come from old cookbooks that belonged to my father. This is also a reason for me to try the challenge as its a way of me further connecting to him now that he has passed away and I really appreciate the food he used to make for us.

Up First:

This came out really tasty however I forgot to add cornstarch and …I didn’t add onion cause I don’t like it lol. The meat also wasn’t pork chops but pork steaks. Still cooked and tasted amazing.

For the veggies, I simply grabbed some frozen veggies and stir-fry them, with oyster sauce and some of the marinade mentioned in the recipe.

Up Next:

Cooked last night I added an extra egg, cheese, chili flakes, and extra flour and baking powder to make more that 14.

I ended up making 17 but 3 of these went missing … because I ate them as they didn’t really mix well together.

I also made the mistake of making my first ones too big so the mixture decided to spread out too much. Overall though the addition of the cheese was great and the extra egg made it taste more fluffy.

I also substituted the milk for Soy Milk which was a nice addition.

Well for now that’s the end of the article but I would love to hear if your likely to start this challenge and what you would cook, or alternatively what recipe ideas do you have for me to try?

Until next time have a fantastic time!


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